Introduction: Decluttering My Desk by Making a Desk Organiser

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I always searched for hobbies which are minimum budgeted or simply don't need a debit card and crafting is one of the best that I found. In this instructable, I'll show you how to make a desk organiser out of waste shoe boxes. This is an easy DIY which anyone can make and organise their desks. So guys, let's get started.


1. 2 old shoe boxes
2. Cellotape
3. Gum
4. Scissors
5. Paint brush
6. Brown acrylic colour
7. Wood burnish

Step 1: Cutting Out the Pieces Out of the Shoe Boxes

Cut out the following pieces from the shoe boxes:
1. 20cm×16cm
2. 20cm×10cm
3. 20cm×7cm
4. 20cm×14cm
5. 10cm×5cm(2)
6. 20cm×8cm
7. 25cm×10cm(2)
8. 8cm×3cm
9. 6cm×3cm
10. 10cm×3cm
11. 12cm×6cm(2)
12. 7cm×2.5cm(2)
13. 15cm×1cm(2)
14. 8cm×1cm
15. 25cm×3cm(2)
16. 10cm×3cm(2)
You'll get all these pieces from 2 standard sized shoe boxes.

Step 2: Sticking the Side Book Space

1. Take the 25cm×3cm piece.
2. Take one 25cm×10cm piece and cut it in half through the diagonal.
3. Stick the two halves vertically on the 25cm side of the 25cm×3cm piece.
4. Place the 10cm×3cm piece at the back and one of your side book space is done.
5. Make a similar book space of the same measurement out of the previously cut pieces.
6. Place the 20cm×16cm piece on the floor and stick these two book spaces on the 20cm side.
7. Place the 20cm×8cm piece at the backside of the two book spaces as shown in the picture.

Step 3: Making the Front Pockets

1. Take the 20cm×10cm piece and stick it at the front to make your front base.
2. Take the two 7cm×2.5cm pieces and stick them making a square space at the back. This will be your mobile and calculator space.
3. Take the two 12cm×6cm pieces and roll them. Place them beside the square space. These will be your pen space.
4. Now take the smaller pieces of cardboards to make the front spaces. These will include the two 15cm×1cm for the two parallel spaces, one at the middle and one at the back, the square space at the middle, and the triangular pieces at the right side.
5. Divide the front space in half with the 8cm×1cm piece.

Step 4: Fitting the Back Book Space

1. Take the two 10cm×5cm pieces and stick vertically at the back of the two side book spaces.
2. Take the 20cm×7cm piece and stick it at the base.
3. Take the 20cm×14cm piece, cut it's top in a circular shape and stick it horizontally at the back to make the back book space.
You're now complete with the structure of the desk organiser.

Step 5: Colouring Your Desk Organiser

Colour your desk organiser with brown acrylic colour using a flat brush. Apply wood burnish to give it a final touch.

Step 6: Arrangement of Things

Arrange all your things on your desk organiser as you want to. You can keep a variety of things like your personal diary, magazines, newspapers, calculator, mobile phone, colours, celletapes, pens, scissors, scale, pencil, erasers, sharpers, pendrive etc. So it's time to declutter your workplace and get organized.

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