Introduction: Love Showpiece

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Do you want to surprise the love of your life with a brand new romantic gift exclusively with your own touch? Do you think of gifting your lover a handmade showpiece? You're on the right page, my buddy. So, let's get started.


1. Gum
2. Double gum cellotape
3. Transparent cellotape
4. Blue cellotape
5. Readymade couple showpiece
6. Readymade flowers and leaves
7. Golden and silver glitter sheet
8. Yellow paper
9. Scissors
10. Compass
11. Pencil
12. Mount board

Step 1: Arranging the Components of the Showpiece

1. At first, take the plastic hexagonal chocolate box and trim off its upper parts.
2. Place the base of the hexagonal box on the golden glitter sheet and cut out a hexagon.
3. Draw a circle of 8 cm radius on the mount board and silver glitter sheet and cut them out.
4. Cut out a 8cm×8cm square from the golden glitter sheet and fold it into half. Draw 4 half hearts on the folded square and cut them out. You'll get 3 hollow hearts from them.
5. Cut out a mini heart from the silver glitter sheet.
6. For the yellow coloured rosettes, draw two circles of 5 cm radius on the yellow paper and cut it out. Next, draw a swirl on the circle and cut it out accordingly. Roll from the outside of the swirl upto the middle and stick the middle with gum. Then insert the needle of the compass in the middle of the swirl and gently twist it to enlarge the rosettes.
You're now ready with the components of the showpiece. It's now time to paste them and make a beautiful showpiece of your own.

Step 2: Sticking the Pieces

1. Take the hexagonal golden glitter sheet. Cut out small pieces of double gum cellotape and place in the middle. Then, paste the couple showpiece in the middle of the golden sheet and 5 small readymade flowers in the front part. Cover it with the cut chocolate box and stick it with gum to the golden glitter sheet. Stick the blue cellotape at the base to give it a glow.
2. Stick 2 hearts at the left hand side of the case, one inside the other. Place a violet readymade flower in their base as shown.
3. Paste some double gum cellotape on the top of the cased showpiece and stick a yellow flower in the middle. Cover the front with 5 red flowers and stick a golden heart at the back with gum.
4. At the left hand side of the cas, paste a red readymade flower, the two handmade rosettes and 2 leaves.
5. Place the silver mini heart at the top of one of the preplaced golden hearts.

Step 3: Your Wonderful Showpiece Is Now Ready

Your showpiece is now ready. Gift it to your loved one on his/her birthday or Valentine's Day and fill them with lots and loads of love.

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