Introduction: Mr. Succulent

Mr. Succulent is a small desk planter that is scratching his head to remind me to think.



Tinkercad program

3d Printer - Polar Cloud



a Succulent plant



Step 1: Tinkercad Design

Create your design in Tinkercad

Step 2: Have Your 3D Printer Print

The next step is to send your design to the printer and allow for the print to complete.

Step 3: Prepare Your Pot

next prepare your newly printed pot by gathering your supplies together. You will need your succulent and soil.

Step 4: Fill Your Pot With Soil

Next fill your pot with soil. I used my fingers you can use a tool if you like.

Step 5: Place Your Succulent in the Pot With Soil

Place your succulent in the pot with soil and be sure cover the root with more soil in needed.

Step 6: Add a Little Water to Your Newly Potted Succulent

next add a little water to your newly potted succulent

Step 7: Enjoy Your New Man!

The last step is to set up the pot on your desk to enjoy your new man!

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