My Attempt at Creating a Face of Boe




Introduction: My Attempt at Creating a Face of Boe

I was asked to create a life size 1:1 Face of Boe for Montreal Comicon back in 2014-15 for the Masquerade with my friend who would cosplay a great cat Nun.

I was hesitant as I was not sure how to make such a large prop and how would I transport it.

I thought that spray foam would do the trick and would be easy.....never again.....

It was fun but wow heavy and lots of spray foam.....

Step 1: Materials and Planning

So I planned my build based on some pics and chose the friend would make the eyes which turned out amazing....

My expectation on this one was low as I had no idea what I was doing and I knew this was not going to be an accurate build but perhaps from a distance it may look like the FACE OF BOE!!!


10 cans of spray foam

cardboard sheets


nylon stockins


bronze spray paint

light brown paint

white printer paint


Velcro strips

lots of patience and crazy prop building

Step 2: Building....

So I traced out the face on cardboard, then trimmed out the shape. Then I formed out of mesh the nose and other parts of the face...

Step 3: Spraying....

Then I started to Spray on the mesh parts and the rest...I did not realize how many cans I needed....I forgot that I also used some gap fillers in between the foam....5 tubes later.....oh man this was crazy!

Step 4: The EYES....the Skin....

So I got my friend's prop eyes build for Boe which were clear Christmas balls painted...the light shone through and it looked fab....I install them in the back which was cool. I also layered some plaster strips over the foam to create the skin. Then I primed and painted the face was heavy...

Step 5: The Life Support Container....

I quickly cut out a container that could be setup quickly and could come apart really fast....

Step 6: Addding the Weird Tentacles...

My friend suggested we use nylons and crumbled paper as the tentacles....we used this dollar store light balls at the tips....

Step 7: So It Was Completed....

So I finished weighed a ton....and I still managed to fit it in my Sentra back seats....barely....

Montreal was fun !

Face of my basement....LOL!

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    6 years ago

    dude, you are amazing, this and the Dalek are pretty great


    6 years ago

    Nicely done!


    6 years ago

    That is Awesome!