Tron Light Cycle...I Fight for the Users.



Introduction: Tron Light Cycle...I Fight for the Users.

Greeting Programs,

In celebration of Tron and Tron Legacy I wanted to build a Light Cycle for my security and fun! I wanted to build it light (so I can move it easily) and to glow at dusk and night. So follow along on this fun build!


Cardboard (lots)

Hot Glue

Glossy black paint

Sintra plastic sheets 5mm

5m LED Neon lights x 2

1m LED strip light x 1 with remote

Black Tape

Silver Duct Tape

Box Cutter


Step 1: Planning Stage and Sizing Up the Light Cycle...

So I did some research on the grid and found lots of pics of the legacy light cycle that Sam rode in the games...saw a lot of pics of the light cycle at the conventions and movie clips and I guessed at the size. I drew out the plans and also drew out the body on 40x40 cardboard.

Step 2: You Need Wheels Man....

So I used a laser trimming at my work and cut out perfect 30 inch diameter wheels from scrap Sintra plastic as my base. It was very hard to do by hand so I needed a program and machine to this. Then I took home 40"x40" sheets of cardboard from work. I cut and bent the cardboard to surround the circles. I used the cardboard grain to my advantage to make it bend nicely. I then hot glued the cardboard to the circles and reinforced with cardboard tabs...lots of tabs...once the glue dried I added an inner circle as the hub. Nice and solid and it rolls great in my basement!

Step 3: The Body.....

Now that the wheel was done - I trimmed out the body twice and then add slots in the wheels. I then added tabs to the two body sheets and snapped them in using snaps I can easily take the bike apart and store it away or transport it to conventions.

Step 4: More of the Body....

Once I had slotted the two sheets as the body frame, I then cut out more cardboard and placed on top of the bike! It also helps to hold things in place...

Step 5: Painting....

I took everything apart and painted it a glossy black. Also the inner wheel I had used silver duct tape. I also placed the silver duct tape on the inner frame of the wheels to help make the neon lights glow.

I added a slot in the middle of the bike's body for the LED strip lights...I used packing foam to diffuse the LED strip lights to avoid the individual LED lights from showing....

The wheels I added NEON LED lights by hot gluing them along the inner lining of the wheels...

I also added 2 bicycle reflector LED lights to the middle as a drive monitor greebie for the rider...

Step 6: Almost There Program....

I hot glued the neon LED lights to the wheels.

Then I tested them around 7pm with the sun going down...


I went back out around 9pm in my Tron Costume...I fight for the users!!!!

Step 8: Tron Lives!

Thanks for viewing programs...Flynn lives!

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