Introduction: Tron Legacy Cosplay

Hello there,

I was recently watching Tron 2 Legacy on Disney+ and wanted to build a costume based on the movie. I really like the light blue and blue programs in the TV series and movie so I planned on building a security program.

Step 1: Tron Build List

I planned to base my costume on motorcycle armor and pants from ebay. Here is my list for the build. Keep in mind that I bought the cheapest Motorcycle gear...

Motorcycle armored top

Motorcycle armored pants

Motorcycle Helmet

Compression long sleeve shirt black

workman leather gloves

LED shoes

EL Panels + AA inveters and splitters

Sintra plastic sheets

Strong Magnets

Step 2: Pants and Mounting EL Panel

The EL panels are great as they are encased in a laminate and come with splitters and inverters. I have seen other cosplayer glue the panels right on the armor but I didn't like the outcome. So I only glued to the pants but for the rest I would mount on Sintra/plastic sheeting and then mount with magnets to the armor.

As you can see with my pants I was able to glue the EL panel and put the inverter (battery case) on the side with a clip that came with the case. Also for the Tron Baton I used a child's plastic hockey stock. I trimmed it out and then glue magnets to the baton and pant leg.

Step 3: Chest Top Piece - Mounting

For the chest I was going to mount a second chest piece made of plastic onto the motorcycle armor. It was easier to glue the EL panel on a plastic sheet that I trimmed out then to directly glue on the motorcycle armor. I first made a mockup out of paper then traced and cut the piece on Sintra. I heated up the sintra and formed it on my body. Then I primed and painted the chest piece Glossy black. I also place some extra small plastic pieces on the chest piece to position my EL panels. I drilled 2 holes in the middle of the chest piece to allow the wires to go into the back to hide from view.

I glued the EL panels on the chest piece and also glue magnets to the top armor and chest piece.

Step 4: Tricep Pieces

For the Tricep pieces I cut two Sintra pieces and formed them with heat. Like the chest piece I painted black and I glued the EL panels on. I also had to sew the velcro on the armored foam padding on top and attached velcro on my sintra panels.

Step 5: The Back

For the back I did the same like the chest piece. I trimmed the Sintra and painted it then glued the panels on. I also attached magnets.

Step 6: Helmet

For the Helmet - I redid the paint as it came to me as matte black, so I primed and painted it gloss black. I bought some motorcycle EL panel sticky lights from ebay and attached it to the helmet...turned out great.

Step 7: Final Product

Each of the lights are using independent inverters (battery packs) double AA. I could have gone with a single 8xAA inverter but I did not want to run long wires through out the costume. The LED shoes were also from Ebay as well.

In normal lighting - they still come out pretty good ...

Step 8: In the Dark or Dim Lighting....

In dim lighting or darkness the costume really glows fantastic!

Hope you enjoyed this....I hope Tron 3 comes out in the future!

" I fight for the USERS! "


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