Introduction: My Girl As a Doll

About: ...i am just an avarage guy with an regular job...and some crazy ideas... so live and let diy ;)

....We wanted to go to a Rock Concert but unfortunately my girl fall sick and couldnt join i decided to make her an surprise and make her a fotobook of our trip with something special...

So i sew a copy of her .) she could be there not for real but in our memorys and thoughts... and we took a lot of fotos and had so much fun that day that we actually could make a fotobook with more than 80 funny pics... so even if she wasnt present she participated every moment and has now her album to remember that "missed" day

Step 1: Sewing Pattern and Work

first i draw a cartoon pattern on my pc.

I printed out the design on an A4 Paper and draw the outlines on a white tissue, for the hair and cloths and body, i took a black tissue. Unfortunately i did not took fotos of those steps, i cutted out the forms and sew all togetter.

For the mouth, eyes and eye brows i took a whool thread and knitted it

Step 2:

i never sewed before so i was a little bit of proud on my result

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