Introduction: Necklace Display

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This necklace display works pretty good and was easy to make. I had a quark board laying around that i was using and decided to use that for the board. I sanded and painted the frame black. Cut fabric to fit the quarked part and then glued it down. Simply added hooks and the necklaces and it's done.

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Step 1: Supplies and Tools:


tack board

sand paper

black paint


cheetah felt



razor blades/sissors


paint brush

Step 2: Sand and Paint Frame:

I used a standard quark board with a frame on it for my project. Your going to want to sand the the frame down so the paint will stick to it. Make sure to get the inner edge. Then you are going to want to paint the frame I went with black.

Step 3: Adding Fabric and Hooks:

You can pick up fabric pretty much anywhere I used cheetah print for this project. I used a sissors to cut the fabric making sure it fit in the frame. Then I used a brush to spread the glue out evenly on the quark board laying the cut fabric on the glued surface. Once the glue dries you need to add your hooks. You can put the hooks on how ever you decide looks best for your necklaces.