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Introduction: Neon Rainbow Lamp


So, i made this rainbow light it looks really good when i watched it from eye to eye but it still looks great. So, i got this idea while i was making an omelate i cracked the egg and then i was just about to throw the egg shells then i thought that why not use them in some sort of diy.

I also thought about it because i love making diys and i am a really creative girl who would love to have a pair of scissors and glue with her all the time and i am also the best artist in my school , its a natural talent so thats why i dream of being a fashion designer but thats enough intro about me lets talk about the brand new creation i made.

I didn't got this idea from the internet i came up with it all by myself but the eggshell idea was from a diy eggshell pendant video i watched a year ago.

please vote for me if you liked it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

now lets start the tutorial

Step 1: Omelate Time

so first of all i collected some eggs well, i used 6 eggs in this diy i broke the eggs and and then i took the shells and cleaned them just like you can see in the picture above and then i separated the egg membrane from it and i also broke it into small pieces as you can see in the 2nd picture.

Step 2: Recycling

for the base of my wall light i used an "everyday milk powder" plastic jar and i ripped th label off i have shown it in the 1st picture. then i cut the bottom off you can see that in the 2nd image.

Step 3: Almost There

This is step took sometime because i had to paste the eggshells on the plastic jar i use UHU to attach all the eggshells. I applied the glue on some area then i took the big pieces of eggshells and putted them on the gluey area and pressed it so it was divided into small sections i went on another piece. So, i continued to apply on the other pieces.

After everything was dry it was time for the Rainbow to show its magic. I used normal watercolors for this thing and they also turned out so well. then i let it dry. After that,i too an old black belt that my brother stopped using a long time ago. i cut it in the right length and i used the back side of the belt. I thought it will make it a little different and i used double sided tape to attach it on the lamp.

And then i hung it on the wall with a nail, for the glowing i used a LED light which cost me about 2$ so it was really inexpensive for me to make.

I REALLY HOPE YOU LIKE IT because i did a lot of struggle on it.

once again if you liked this diy, vote for me.

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    azka imtiaz
    azka imtiaz

    7 years ago on Introduction

    if anybody wants to know anything about this project feel free to post a comment.

    and please if you like this diy please vote for me.