Introduction: Nerf Party "Piñata"

We wanted a nerf style game for all the kids at my son's upcoming birthday.

To do this project you will need tissue paper, solo cups, rubber bands, & a foam core board.

Line up your solo cups and fill each one with candy and prizes.

Step 1: Cover Your Cups With Tissue

Cut your tissue paper into squares which can cover the solo cups. Secure the tissue paper with rubber bands. One on each cup was enough in my project.

Step 2: Create a Bullseye and Test Fit Everything

For the center, I used a disposable food holder. I filled it with a few extra prizes for the person who gets the bullseye. I then laid everything out on the foam board to make sure it fits the way I liked.

Step 3: Glue the Cups Down in a Target Pattern.

I used a hot glue gun to adhere the Solo cups to the foam board.

Step 4: Final Product

The final product looked great. The Piñata will sit against the wall and the kids will take turns shooting at it. The kids win the prize in the cup they pierce with a dart!

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