Introduction: Nespresso Caps Pendant

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I had the idea to make an Eiffel Tower with Nespresso caps so I asked my grandma to give me her caps...

I then changed my mind and, as I was playing with my caps, I came up with a new idea to make a beautiful pendant.

All you need is Nespresso caps and a wooden bead!

This pendant is perfect as a Valentine's Day gift for your loved one.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Creating this pendant is easier than you think, and it's very quick to make.

You need:

  • Empty Nespresso caps;
  • Wooden bead (mine was 12 mm);
  • Conical pliers;
  • Jewelry wire (0,8 mm);
  • Cutter;
  • Hot glue.

Step 2: Let's Start! Cut the Caps!

Let's start cutting the caps.

Cut the base ring of the caps using a cutter. Try to be as accurate as possible but don't worry if it's not, you can refine each ring using a pair of small scissors.

When your rings are ready, cut all of them in half.

The quantity of caps needed depends on the size of your bead. I used 7 caps.

Step 3: Roll Your Rings!

Roll every single piece of ring using the tip of your pliers. You need to create many small spiral rolls.

Refine the base of each roll with scissors and give them the same height.

Step 4: Make a Loop

Insert a piece of wire in your bead and fold the very end with pliers. The fold you've just created must be a little bigger than the hole of your bead so you can insert it and block it.

Now make a loop twisting the remaining part of the wire using pliers.
I glued a roll on the bead first and made the loop just a little taller than the roll. If you want the loop to be hidden between your rolls, make it shorter. You don't necessarily have to glue the roll first, I used it as a point of reference.

Step 5: Glue the Rest of the Rolls...

Using hot glue, glue some rolls next to each other all around the bead. You need to form a circle of rolls all around.

Now proceed gluing the rest of your rolls in order to cover one side of the bead. You must leave the other side empty so your pendant won't end up being bulky and you can comfortably wear it.

Add a chain or string to your pendant and you're done!

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