Introduction: New K'nex Machine Gun Type

This is a machine gun made up of k'nex. It shoots pretty far and is fun to use. It has a firering rate of 6,7, or 8 rounds per second. Build it and try it, it's a very fun gun. By the way, I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT YOU DO WITH THIS GUN!!

Step 1: The Chain

This chain shoots gren pegs. The chain are made up of small shooting devices. You can as much as you want if you have the pieces to build them. The chain links are from another instructable from somebody else. These links are equiped with a little device that holds the green pegs in place. The big black cylinder is a D cell battery to help to pull down the chain when it goes through the gun. It's taped to a yellow peg which is for me a gold peg.

Step 2: The Back Plate

This is the plate on the back of the gun.

Step 3: The Back Middle Section

This is the back middle part. This is were the back handle is attached and were the extra wire is wind up on golden pegs

Step 4: The Front Middle Part

This is the front middle part. This is were you put your motor, whichcan be taken off easily if you need your motor for another construction. Observe the images carefuly and watch how the orange triangles are place to know how the module is orientated.

Step 5: The Front Section

This is the section that have the front handle

Step 6: The Motor Controller Handle

This is the module were you put your Motor Controller. You may not have a controller like mine so you will have to find out a way to install your controler on the gun

Step 7: The Chain Wheel

This is the wheel that make move the chain and make it enter the gun

Step 8: The Trays for the Chain

These are trays that help the chain to go straight when it enters and leaves the gun.

Step 9: The Final Assembly

Follow carefuly the steps and pay close attention at the images.

Step 10: The Final Assembly #2

Same thing here! Once the gun finish, load the chain, load it in the gun, and have fun!!!