Introduction: Semi-Automatic Relvolver Riffle Out of K'Nex

I will show you how to make a semi-auto relvolver riffle out of K'Nex. You can make as many barrels as you want. These are the magazines. You can also put as many rubber bands as you want but don't put too much so that you can't pull the firering pin. Simply look at the pictures for instructions. It fires white (black for me)rods. In this instructable, you will need to sacrifice a lot of pieces. Two gray connector, one gray rod, a yellow connector(me it's gold)and four blue connector. This gun is VERY pricise and shoots VERY far compared to the average K'Nex guns.

Here's a video in which i use my gun. The purpose of the video wasn't on the gun so don't complain and im speaking french in it. Go to 2:15 minutes to see the gun in action. Little different version but same concept.

Link to this video on youtube

Step 1: Stock and Firering Pin Guide

The layer is five pieces.

Step 2: Firering Pin

You wil have to cut away some pieces of plastic with pliers on a yellow connector and some plastic on the gray rod. Add some black tape to reinforce the gray connectors and yellow piece (gold for me).

IMPORTANT!! The length on the rod must be modified so that only the grind up part goes in the black pieces. You will have to undo the gun to make sure the grey rod is just the right length. Only the front part of the gun and the back part with the stock and firering pin guide.

Step 3: Top Part of the Gun

You will have to cut away some plastic again! Just a grey connector...don't wory.

Step 4: Barrel Holding System

Have to can away stuff again.

Step 5: True Trigger Mecanism

Step 6: Handle and Reinforcement Bar

Step 7: Final Assembly

Step 8: Barrel/Magazine

Step 9: Loading and Firering

Load up the barreles with white rods. Then, wind up the shaft of the barrel like in the picture. Two turn is the minimum required for the proper function of the gun.

Now, it's time to adjust the length of the firering pin. Check the last picture to know how it should look.

To fire, pull the yellow connector back and press on the trigger!