Introduction: Newton Disc

As we all know that white light is made up of seven colours to prove this In this instructable I am going to show you how to made newton disc.


Materials to be required :-
1) cardboard
2) paper sheets (white,coloured)
3) colours
4) basic stationary
5) DC motor
6) battery
7) connector
8) glue

Step 1: Body

Cut the cardboard and sheet as shown in pictures and stick them to form kind of cylindrical shape.

Step 2: The Disc

Stick pulley (or any Axel fittable thing) to the disc. Stick white sheet to the disc. Divide disc in 7 equal parts and colour them as I did.

Step 3: Assembly

Solder connector to the motor and stick motor , battery on the body and fit disc on the motor for reference see pics. Now it all done. Enjoy the magic.

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