Introduction: Nightmare Before Christmas Tree

How to make a Nightmare Before Christmas tree

Step 1: Making the Tree

I started with a wire xmas tree frame for the dollar store and wrapped it all in tin foil and creating the curve at the end. I the took some 24 gauge copper wire and wrapped the curve in it really well, then continuing to wrap the entire body with it the wrapping it around the the wire frame at the body to add stability. The copper wire is what you’ll end up hanging the ornaments from as well. You can spray paint it all green at this point if you want. I left mine just plain tin foil because the orange lights reflecting off it gave it some character.
Next i wrapped the entire thing in NON lighted garland, Hot glueing it with every wrap. I bought some Halloween orange lights from the dollar store and wrapped it up in them. Next i spent about a week making different character ornaments out of clay. When they were finished i got glued the same copper wire to the backs and hung them by wrapping the wire from the ornaments around the wire you previously wrapped the tree in. You can use any type of ornaments obviously, i just enjoy working with clay