Introduction: Ninja Stars With Papers

This is my Second Instructable ..........

Step 1: Things Needed +

  • Papers (I use exercise book papers,you can use A4 too but you need to change the measurements)
  • Electrical Tape ( PVC Insulation tape )
  • A glue bottle
  • A rular ( I use 15 cm)
  • A pen
  • Pair of Scissors ( I forgot take the Picture )

Step 2: Folding

  • Take two papers, Place both together mark 5 cm (If you use A4 you must change the measurements) and fold the both papers then seperate the two papers and paste the two papers seperatly.

Step 3: Draw the Axis

  • Now draw the axis with a pen or pencil both side and then Paste the two axis as shown in the pic.

Step 4: Again the Axis

  • Now again draw the axis to the both sides and paste it has shown in the pic.
  • Now do the same to the other paper as shown in the pic.

Step 5: Place It

  • Now Place it and paste it as shown in the Pic.

Step 6: Tape It

  • This is for the Hardness of he Ninja Star.
  • Enjoy!!!!!!!

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