Introduction: Notice Board and Picture Gallery

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This 2 in 1 craft is really useful for those ideas you have but forget to write down. It can also be used as a cool photo gallery at the same time! Enjoy!

Step 1:

First you start with cutting a cardboard rectangle. If you have a choice between thiner and thicker cardboard choose the thicker option. Make sure the length of the rectangle is an even number so it can be split in half.

Step 2:

Now draw a line down the middle of the rectangle and score along the line with a knife. Fold the rectangle along the line so it looks like the photo above.

Step 3:

Cut out a window in one of the sides of the folded rectangle. Make sure there is quite a bit of space on the sides of it especially if you are using thiner cardboard.

Step 4:

Now take some string and do the same thing as the the first photo above. When you get to the edge of the cut out bit in the middle just put a bit of hot glue on the string. Once you have copied the first photo just do the same again but the other way so it looks something like the second photo. This will be your photo gallery.

Step 5:

Cut out two identical rectangles like in the first photo above. Stick them to the structure we have made so far so it looks like the second photo above.

Step 6:

Now take the piece you cut out of the main rectangle earlier and stick it to the back of the structure. This will be the notice board.

Step 7:

Now decorate it a bit! I decided to put a black line around the side with the string to make it look like a photo frame. I also drew 4 black dots on the other side to look like pins. Dont forget to fill it up with your photos, notes or whatever you want!

Step 8:

And you have finished!

Thank you for reading my instructable!

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