Introduction: OSSR-2

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The new acronym that "OSSR" stands for is "Old Skool Slingshot Rifle".

Some background for the gun: Users had plenty of complaints and mods for the original OSSR, and I was having problems of my own, so I decided to remake this with the design changed up and filled up.  The mods resulted in almost every flaw in the original OSSR being eliminated.  It was so good that I decided to post it.

Anyways, if you have a problem or a mod to add, post it in the comments.  Photos and videos of problems and mods are appreciated a lot.  Thank you.

EDIT- Video:

This sniper rifle placed 3rd in megametal8's sniper contest.  That may not sound like much, but seeing as first and second place were replicas and mine was the only winner that was just made for pure performance, well I'll leave you to judge it at that.

Step 1: Before You Begin

Before you begin, get out an MP3 player and save the song below to it.  Go turn the "Repeat 1" option on, and listen to this while you work.  It helps a lot while you work.

Step 2: Stock

This stock may be harder and more time consuming to build due to the fact that it is filled up and thus sturdier.

1. Overview
2. View of the top from the hole where your thumb goes through (that's what she said)
3. View of the back without the part.
4. View of the top
5. View of the bottom
6. Make this special part and gather the red connectors.  Credit to Bakenbitz for it.
7. Place it here.

Now set it aside for later.

Step 3: Handle

Pretty simple.

1- Build what's pictured
2- another view (bottom)
3- last view (top)

Moving on...

Step 4: The Mechanism

This is what makes the gun work.  This has a much stronger trigger than the previous version, and still includes the safety.

1- Make the frame sides
2- Trigger
3- Make this
4- Connect the 2 frame sides
5- Insert the trigger
6- Put another part on.
7- Gather these
8- Add the blue rod here.
9- How to clip the other 2 parts onto the blue rod.
10- Connect to handle
11- Connect stock to handle and mech (optional)

Set this chunk aside and move to step 4.

Step 5:

Ok here's the barrel.  This is 5 layers thick, so when making this, think of it as 1 layer and make 5 of each and put it on the blue rods to make what is pictured.

1- Rear of barrel
2- Underside of the barrel
3- Midsection of the barrel
4- Front of barrel
5- Make this
6- clip it here
7- You should have this.

Gather everything and move on to the next step.

Step 6: Assembly

You know the drill.

1- Gather the 2 sections and 2 blue rods and 6 green rods
2- Attach the stock and barrel together and insert the 6 green rods.
3- Insert the 2 blue rods where pictured.  This makes a nice trigger guard.
4 and 5- 2 views of the foregrip
6- Add it here.
7- Make this
8- Mind the 2 white rods in the connectors
9- Connect here
10- Add 2 green rods to it.
11- Add a rubberband to the trigger.

Step 7: Bipod (optional)

Here's the bipod.  It is optional for those of you who don't want frivolous extras.

1- Make this
2- Make this twice
3- close up of the top
4- close up of the foot
5- attach all this to a yellow connector
6- insert this blue rod
7- Attach to the barrel