Introduction: ‘Odyssey’ Space Board

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This is a kind of sideboard for a few things you need every day but have eventually no special place for them, like mobil phone, speakers, paperbacks … hooo, what ? However, having a cool sideboard, you know where to place and where to find. The one I built is a ‘spacey’ one – inspired by the original cool design of the greatest sci-fi movie of all times ‘2001 – A Space Odyssey’. Nomen est omen. Here are the basic steps to go.



  • cutter
  • pencil
  • rulers
  • saw
  • glue (wallpaper adgesive)
  • glueing tape, double side


  • cardboard (big box)
  • cardboard x-large tube, diameter ~ 6+ in / 16+ cm (carpets, fabric floors)
  • wrapping paper
  • wood laths
  • LED light

Step 1: Basic Material

… is only a big cardboard box from shipping an x-large canvas printing, those big carpet tube.

Step 2: Cutting – Bring Into Shape

Cutting the tube you cannot do with a cutter but best with this kind of saw. The cardboard box I made smaller by cutting out the middle section and glueing again the parts: so the vertical walls became double thickness.

Step 3: Making Holes for the Tubes

… by cutting out with a cutter. Hard work, indeed. :-)

Step 4: Covering With Wrapping Paper

… proceed like the instruction on the package of the wallpaper adhesive suggests.

Step 5: Mounting Laths

… for the stand; counterparts inside make it stable!

Step 6: Mounting LEDs + Tubes, Close the Box

… at least: for ever by glueing it with double sided glueing tape! Place the tubes – also covered (the visible parts) with wrapping paper – and I placed a small stripe of reflecting foil on the ‘floor’ of each tube: making it again more ‘spacey’, color the stand. Odyssey finished. Light the LEDs if you like. That’s it! :-))

Step 7: Fill the Tubes …

… with whatever you want! For example – for collecting the love letters of the biggest fan you ever had :-) … or for your rocking socks … or decorative elements, phone & phones, speaker, books!, snacks, sun glasses,

Step 8: Just Want Let You Know …

… the ‘Odyssey’ looks also ƒ…’n good from the backside! But that’s another story … ;-)

No image manipulation was done with this image: You are lying on the floor – between the ‘Odyssey’ and the wall – looking up. What looks like a planet is just the wall reflecting the LED light; and you see a little piece (square): this is keeping the distance between the ‘Odyssey’ and the wall.

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