Introduction: One Piece to Two Piece Set Transformation

I love two piece sets because they are so versatile. Together, they provide an effortlessly sleek look. Apart, they can be mix and matched with a multitude of other clothes. Yet two piece sets always seem to be double the price of their one piece counterparts, and as a consumer, I hate paying extra for the same amount of fabric.

In this tutorial, I'll be teaching you how to convert any dress, romper, or pantsuit into a top and bottom pair.


1 dress, romper, pantsuit

sewing machine




1.5'' elastic

Step 1: Cutting

Lay the dress flat, and find the waist seam. Once located, cut across the waist until the dress resembles a top and a skirt.

Step 2: The Top

If needed, resize the top by pinning and sewing a dart with a zigzag stitch. (Tip: the dart should be a right triangle spanning from the bottom hem to the sleeve seam. The width corresponds to how much fabric need to be taken in.)

Pin and hem the bottom using a straight stitch.

By the end of this step, the top should fitted and ready to wear.

Step 3: The Bottom

(If needed) To resize the bottom, cut up the length of the skirt so that the fabric lays flat. Using a mirror or a skirt you know fits perfectly, measure how much fabric you would need to create a loosely fitted skirt. Make sure to account for a seam allowance.

Pin and sew using a zigzag stitch.

Step 4: Adding Elastic

Measure out enough elastic to circle your waist. Sew the two ends together using a zigzag stitch.

Using four pins, mark each quarter of elastic. Use another four pins to mark each quarter of the top hem of the skirt. Line the pins from the elastic and skirt so that they match up.

Sew the elastic to the skirt using a zigzag stitch. (Tip: make sure to stretch the elastic at both ends and sew at a steady rate)

By the end of this step, the skirt should be ready to wear.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

Fold the elastic over and hem using a straight stitch.

Pin and hem any other areas as needed.

Step 6: The Final Look

I am so happy with the way this two-piece set turned out. It reminds me of the current styles on PacSun's website...but for a fraction of the price :)

Not only is the two-piece set perfect for hot, summer days, but the skirt and top by themselves adhere to most school dress codes. I will be wearing both pieces all year long.