Introduction: Origami Icosahedron

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The Origmami Icosahedron is part of the realm of Modular Origami. This means that you create separate pieces and connect them so that they form the final product.

Step 1: The First Step Is to Fold Your Square in Half

This step is as easy as it sounds. Also, I used paper that is 4cm by 4cm, but feel free to make bigger ones.

Step 2: Then You’re Going Fold the Edges Into the Middle

This will divide the square into 4 parts.

Step 3: Next, You’re Going to Fold 1/4 of the Square in and Take That Corner All the Way Up to Uppermost Line

Refer to the picture if you get confused.

Step 4: You’re Going to Unfold This, Rotate It by 180 Degrees and Do the Same Thing

The blue dot is rotated to the green dot’s position.

Step 5: Don’t Unfold This Fold But Instead Fold the Top 1/4 Over the Triangle

The picture should help.

Step 6: Then You’re Going to Fold Blue Dot Into Green Dot, But Put Blue Dot Corner Into the Bottom Flap

This might be a little bit confusing but the drawing should help. After this fold, it should look like the 2nd picture.

Step 7: Then Flip This Piece Over So the Front Is on the Table, Then Fold the Green Dot Over

The third photo is what it should look like after this step.

Step 8: Next, Make This Piece Into a Square, the Blue Dot Should Go Where the Green Dot Is

The 2nd photo is when the first triangle is folded in and the 3rd photo is when the second triangle is folded in. This makes the square.

Step 9: Lastly You’ll Turn the Piece Over and Fold the Green and Blue Dot Into Each Other

And voilá! The third picture is the piece from the side view. It’s what it should look like after this step. Just make 30 more of these and we’ll get into the next step. And don’t worry if some of your pieces look questionable, they’ll work anyway!

Step 10: Time to Assemble, the Name of the Game Is Pyramids

Great job getting here, I didn’t get this far my first time. So, it takes 3 pieces to make 1 pyramid.

Step 11: Add 1 Piece to One Side of the Pyramid and Add One More to Make 2 Connected Pyramids

You need to do this so that there is a circle of 5 pyramids. That’s the first portion of assembly done! ✅

Step 12: Turn It Over and Make Pyramids on the Ends

As always, refer to the picture, it’ll help.

Step 13: Connect the Outer Pieces to Finish This Step.

This is a fairly easy step, the next step is a bit harder.

Step 14: Add 1 More Piece to the 2/3 Done Pyramid, Do This to All the Pieces

Almost done!

Step 15: Add 1 Piece to the Flap That Is Out and Put Another Existing Flap Into the New Piece

Kind of confusing. You’ll understand it when you do it. Do this until all the existing pieces are in new pieces.

Step 16: Last Step! Now You’re Going to Finish Your Last Pyramids. Little Tip, You Can Bend Those Ends to Fit Into the Pockets, But Remember to Straighten Out Your Pyramids After.

All done, and the finished product is an Icosahedron!

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