Introduction: The Butterfly Ball

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The Butterfly Ball is a simple piece of Modular Origami. It requires 12 units of easy-to-make pieces. Also, the videos might not show up, so here are their links:

Assemble your Butterfly Ball:

Butterfly Ball Action:

Step 1: Materials Needed

You’ll need twelve pieces of square paper. I used 4cm paper, but you’re welcome to use any kind of square.

Step 2: Fold Your Paper in Half

Easy step.

Step 3: Flip Your Paper Over and Fold the Corners In

Follow the pictures, the blue line is one fold and the red line is another.

Step 4: Flip Your Paper Back Over and Your Unit Should Be a Little Pyramid-like

After making this unit, make eleven more. When you have all twelve units, we’ll move onto the formation of the Butterfly Ball.

Step 5: Tuck One Flap Into Another Pocket

Explaining the process is a little bit hard, so refer to the video.

Step 6: Put Another Flap Into the New Pocket

Almost done with the base, which is the first part of assembly.

Step 7: Put One More Flap Into the Pocket and Make Sure That the Each Piece Has 1 Flap and 1 Pocket

This step completed the base!

Step 8: Now, Put One Piece on the Outside and One Piece in the Pocket

Do this to all of the corners.

Step 9: Choose One Side, It Doesn’t Matter Which One, and Make Another Base

This step is pretty easy, but the next one might be a little harder.

Step 10: Choose Another Side That’s Right Next to the New Base and Make Another Base on This New Side

This is a bit hard but when you see it in the video, it’ll make sense.

Step 11: Choose Your Third Side and Make Another Base

Almost done!

Step 12: Last Step! This Step, You’ll Be Making 2 New Bases So You’ll Do One Side and Then the Other

Good job! This last part of assembly is a bit harder but the whole project is short, simple, and pleasant.

Step 13: Bonus: I Like to Store My Units Like This When They’re Not in Ball Form

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