Introduction: Origami Robo

I have created this Instructable Robot using Origami. Actually this Origami is to make a Shirt / Trousers from the same Craft.

I used a Shirt, Trousers and Head part to make an Instructables Robot.

We can make many Figures by Painting as we need.

Items Need:

* A4 Size White Paper - 2 Pieces

* Colour Pencils as needed

Step 1: Resizing A4 Paper to a Square Paper

Many Origami Crafts need a Square Paper. If you don`t have Origami (Square) Paper, this step shows how we make a Square Paper from A4 Paper.

As shown in second photo, fold a corner to the end. After that, fold the extra end and cut it from the rest as shown in 3rd Photo. Keep this paper aside as we make the head Part with it at the end.

Now you have a Square Piece to Start.

I fold this Paper to get another Diagonal folding as shown in the Last Photo. This will help later for the foldings.

You need 2 Pieces, one for the Shirt and another for the Trousers.

Step 2: First Folding Sequence

For making this Origami Shirt/Trousers we have to do these folding Sequence 3 times.

First Sequence:

We Start with the Square paper. Fold in the middle as shown in 2nd Photo.

Fold again to get a 1/4th of the size of the Square Paper.

After that take one open edge and fold to the middle as shown in 4th Photo.

Repeat this step on the opposite side. After that open the Paper as shown in 5th Photo.

and fold the two corners as shown. Now u have finished first folding Sequence.

After 1st Sequence u have again a Square folded Paper.

Step 3: 2nd Folding Sequence

After 1st Folding Sequence you have a Folded paper as shown in 1st Photo.

Now we have to repeat the Folding sequence one more time.

Fold 2 times in middle as shown in 2+3+4th Photos.

After that fold the Corner shown in 5th Photo, repeat the other side and open the paper.

Fold the remaining 2 corners so that you get a folded Paper as shown in the 7th Photo.

At the end of each folding sequence we get a Folded Square paper.

Step 4: 3rd Folding Sequence

Now we have to do the folding sequence one last time as shown in the photos.

At the end of this folding sequence we get again a exact square folded piece of Paper as shown in the Last photo of this Step.

Step 5: Making the Last Foldings

After the 3rd Folding sequence, we have a Folded Paper as shown in the 1st Photo of this Step.

Now we have to Open the folded Corner as shown in 2+3 rd photos.

After opening the corner it will be as shown in 4th Photo.

Now repeat the step other corner side, as shown in 5+6th Photo.

Step 6: Opening the Hands / Legs Part.

Gently open the Middle corner part as shown in 1st Photo of this step and fold as shown in 2nd Photo.

Do the same for the other side.

If you fold this you get a Shirt piece or Trousers depending on which side you fold as shown in photos.

Now you completed the main Part.

We need 2 Pieces to make the Robot.

Step 7: Fixing the Top Part With the Bottom

After making the 2 Parts carefully join the 2 Parts by pushing the folded ends together as shown in 3 + 4th photos.

Step 8: Making Head and Painting

Take the cutted waste piece of Paper, fold in middle twice as shown.

This will fix exactly in the Joining section of Two Parts, as shown in the 3rd Photo.

Fix it gently and adjust to the size and shape needed.

Here i cutted a small edge to make the Instructable Logo Robot.

Paint it like how you need...enjoy the Paper Figures ;-)

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