Introduction: Origami Spider

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"I heard you all like spiders" said by Nobody!, but in order to conquer your fear, you must face your fear...

well, anyways this Colorful Rainbow Summer you can make this or with it to fool your beloved arachnophobic friends with this Monstrosity, The Colorful Origami Spider.

Step 1: The Materials:

The materials you'll ever need are the following:

A piece of Paper... and that's it!.

There is no other thing else besides scissors you'll need Scissors to cut through this colorful horrid beast and and... Nah!

so you'll have to do the things I've done in the pictures shown to you above in an orderly manner.

Step 2: The Petal Fold

In order to fold this kind of fold, follow the pictures I've shown to you!...

and be prepared for the next thing!.

Step 3: The Next Thing!

Well, the next thing to do is to open the petal fold and cut!, CUT!, the reference line made by the petal fold, but only the middle like what I've shown to you in the pictures above!...

and the fold it FOLD it like the pictures and be on with it!.

Step 4: And Now the Hard Part

Now ye Human pray for mercy 'cause you shall cherish the intricate foldings of my colorful abomination!.

and to follow this you must look in the pictures, look in! and follow!.

Step 5: And the Hardiest Part!

Now the Body of the Creature,

you must prepare!, one human with lotsa patients.... patience.

and do the following pictures 'cause it will be hard to do this, JK!

The pictures will show it all! All you desire in making this monstrosity!

Step 6: Make the Creatures Body!

In these following steps you need a brave heart and lots of guts because!, we're building its Guts!, I mean abdomen... so what you will be doing is to follow!, follow the pictures I've shown to you.

Step 7: AAaaHHHhh! My Leg!...

(*cough) I mean legs!, legs of the spider!

'cause we're about to do what Humans hate most (utter silence.) (whispers)... Spider Legs!.

Again Follow! the pictures cause the pictures will show you the way!

Step 8: And Now You're Almost Done!

Now rest my minion and soon we'll do the (whispers) Mandibles!.

Step 9: Now the Mandibles!.

The mandibles are so easy, you must make one just like the AHhh My leg!. just like the leg, but this time it's tinier!

Step 10: The Moments of Truth!

It's Alive!, or so you thought!?

now bask in the creepiness and disgust fulness of ones creature!

And make even more if you know what to do and let's populate the world full of..


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