Introduction: Origami Sunglasses

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This is a fun and easy origami folding tutorial.

Step 1: Starting Out

With one eight by eleven sheet of paper, fold one side, so that the edge touches the second edge on the other side of the paper.

Step 2: Making an X

Fold the paper edge to edge and then unfold as shown above. You will now fold the one mountain fold up to make the paper look as the picture above.

Step 3: Almost Done!

Now, fold the bottom piece up to the points, a tiny bit below where the triangles are. You do this, because when we fold again, and don't go a little under, the bottom paper will move up a little. Next, fold up once more, again, keeping a little bit off the edge of the first fold. For a third time, fold up, but right to the edge. It should now look like the picture above.

Step 4: You Are Done!!!

Lastly, fold up small triangles in each of the larger triangles as shown. After you do that, fold both skinny lines inwards making sure that you keep the lenses straight. It should now look as shown in the photo.

Step 5: Finished Completely

You are now finished, and complete with the origami glasses. You can wear them as long as you hold them up, or put a piece of tape on your nose. (although you still can't see anything) I hope you liked the tutorial, and enjoy!