Introduction: PVC Dog Washing Station!

This will show you how to make a portable dog washing station for your pooch.

Step 1: Gather Measurements, Supplies and Tools

First, decide how big to make the device. Mine is 1 1/2'x1' with a 6" handle which is big enough for my dogs. If you have bigger dogs, you will need to increase the dimensions. The dog should be able to walk comfortable through it without having to duck.

1 PVC tee coupling
3 PVC elbow coupling
3/4" to 3/4" male threaded PVC adapter
Appropriate amount of PVC 3/4" pipe for your dog - I used 5'+6" for handle
brass male hose adapter 3/4" dia x 3/4"

Drill 1/16" drill bit Glue and primer Tool to cut the pipe

Step 2: Cutting Your Pipe

Once you've decided how big your dog washing station will be - it's time to cut it. Do a dry fitting to make sure everything fits. If so, move on to step three.

Step 3: Gluing Your Pipe

OK time to glue. When I glued my pipes together, I positioned the pipes so that the printed words faced the center of the rectangle which I used as a guide to determine the placement of my drilled holes so that I would know exactly where to drill the holes for the water to come out. Place the primer on both sides of the connecting points. Then apply the glue on both side and connection. Once you glue it all together, allow for it to dry according to the instructions on the glue.

Step 4: Drilling Your Pipe

Once the glue is dry, it is time to drill it using a 1/16'' drill bit. Holes should face to the center of the rectangle at 2" intervals.

Step 5: Washing Your Pooch

Yay it’s done! Now you can have a clean pooch!!!!!!! I have it wedged between the patio and a retaining wall, but you can also just hold it and sweep it back and forth over your dog.

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