Introduction: Pac Man Duct Tape Wallet

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I love Pac Man and Duct Tape so here is a combination of the two. It is pretty easy to make and it ends up looking so fun and cute! Enjoy making the wallet!

Step 1: Materials

1 roll of duct tape of your choice
1 yellow roll
1 white roll
1 roll that is the color of a pac-man ghost
A Black Sharpie or a roll of black duct tape
x acto knife
A ruler

Sorry that the picture is sideways but I don't know how to flip a picture on the mac.

Step 2: Making the Wallet

Start by cutting nine pieces of tape that are eight inches long. Next, take two pieces and put one of those pieces in the middle of the other piece. Then fold one of those pieces over the other one. Now take another piece and lay it halfway up the piece that you just folded. Repeat this step until you only have one more left and then do what you did for the first two strips.The end result should be a duct tape cloth. Next fold this in half so that it looks like a wallet.To finish the wallet, take two pieces of duct tape that are the size of the sides of the wallet. Put the strip over the sides to close up wallet.

Step 3: Making the Designs

Take a strip of Yellow Duct tape and a strip for your ghost. Also, take a piece of white duct tape. Next, draw a pac man on the yellow duct tape and cut it with the x acto knife. Stick the pac man onto the wallet. Do the same with the ghost but stick it onto the other side of the wallet. To finish the wallet, cut little white squares and lay them them on a line that comes out of the pac mans mouth. Also, use 2 of those squares to make eyes for the ghost. Use the sharpie to make the pupils. Enjoy!

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