Introduction: Painting Boba Fett

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I bought this kit earlier this year, thinking it was a normal plastic model assembly kit. When I opened it, reality set in that it was an action figure, snap together kit, that did not need painting or glue. It was decided to paint it anyway.


Bandai 1/12 scale Boba Fett action figure.

Vallejo acrylic paints/ paint brushes

Testor's silver enamel paint

White plastic .010" sheet

Scotchbrite pad

Cyanoacrylate glue

Xacto knife with #11 blades

Blue painter's tape

Step 1: Snap Tight Assembly

I figured I would build it up first before painting. I trimmed off all pieces from the tree sprues, and assembled per instructions. He is posed with and without the rifle.

Step 2: Painting and Details

This was one of the easier figures to paint, because I found similar colour acrylic paints and covered each part of the uniform, starting with the gray sleeves and pants, then the green armour, gloves, helmet, crotch, rocket pack, and forearm guards. The knee pads and shoulder armour were painted yellow, the boots dark gray, and the cloak olive. The rifle was painted dark gray and the strap leather brown, as well as the abdomen/belt area. The pistol holster was painted dark olive.

Next up was some uniform weathering. The green armour was hit with some silver drybrushing, while the yellow armour was drybrushed with gray. The forearm guards were detailed with different shades of green and dark gray, with silver highlights.

Step 3: Final Painting and Finish

The rocket pack was detail painted with titanium and dry brushed with silver. The insignia on the left shoulder, breast plate and helmet were hand painted. The model base was used, but had a piece of .010" thk. plastic sheet cut 1/4" shorter on all 4 sides and glued down with cyanoacrylate glue. The base edges were taped off with blue painter's tape, and the white area painted with dark olive. Once dry, the painted area was rubbed with scotchbrite, to expose the white. Boba Fett was posed and glued on with CA glue, and this one was called done.