Introduction: Sketching a Space Craft

About: I love to create sci-fi models, paint figures and generally stay a kid at heart.

Here's a sketch of an imaginary ship I have been working on the past few days. I love drawing science fiction craft, no one can say that it's wrong!


Copy paper

Mechanical pencil with B graphite

Graphite blender

Kneadable eraser

Step 1: The Beginning

First off, light basic lines marking the general outline of the craft. I added a bit more to outline the cockpit area, canopy and engine inlet.

Step 2: More Definition

In this step, the cockpit is detailed in, as well as the nose area, landing gear and overall fuselage panel lines and details.

Step 3: Shading

In this step, tons of shading was put into the cockpit, canopy and inlet areas. The fuselage had a variety of grey values to simulate different panels. I used the kneadable eraser to lighten up the seat cushions, canopy and inlet areas. It gives the drawing a somewhat mottled appearance. The blender was also used a bunch to soften edges and smooth out pencil markings. This step goes rather quickly, because the details are already drawn, and it is like a colour by number picture, just with out the numbers! The one thing I noticed was with all the cockpit and canopy detail and shading, the rear portion of the craft didn't have enough darks to give the drawing a balanced look.

Step 4: Finishing Up

In this last step, the drawing is close to being finished but the dark balance needed work. I darkened the rear landing gear, added darker panels and details and made the shadow heavier on the left hand vertical. Subtle changes made the difference and gave the craft a more even appearance. Now, where is that PBJ?