Introduction: Painting Vasily (Jude Law)

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Here is an Alexandros Models 200 mm resin bust of Jude Law playing Vasily Zaytsev in the movie, "Enemy at the Gates." It is a well sculpted figure with 2 different heads, one with helmet and the other with a cap.

With all resin bust pieces, I soak and wash all parts with dish soap and water, then allow to air dry overnight on a terry cloth towel. Each piece is checked for resin flash, which is excess resin that needs to be sanded/filed off. Any mold seams on arms, etc. are also worked off.


Dish soap/water

Cyanoacrylate glue

5 Minute epoxy

X-acto knife with #11 blades

various needle files

Garnet sandpaper

Vallejo acrylic paint

Citadel acrylic paint and inks

Citadel spray can white primer

Tamiya white model putty

brass rod

wooden craft box

wooden base plaque

Minwax wood stain

Step 1: Head Shots Pt.1

The heads have been primed white, and one can see some rough areas that need to be sanded smooth with garnet 320 sandpaper, and pitted areas that need to be filled with Tamiya putty. Once dry, those areas were also sanded with 320 grit paper.

When these steps are complete, a final coat of white primer is applied.

Step 2: Head Shots, Pt.2

Next up is colour! Citadel flesh tones are liberally applied with a brush, starting with darker flesh, then drybrushing each successive layer with lighter fleshtones, allowing the previous colours to show through in creases and wrinkles.

Step 3: Head Shots, Pt.3

This photo shows a even lighter flesh tone lightly applied on cheeks, nose and forehead. Once dry, a 5 o'clock shadow was added by wetting the face with water, and dabbing watered down blue gray to shaved areas. IF too much paint was applied more water was brushed on, until a subtle shadow was achieved. The eyes were painted in white, cobalt blue iris with white highlights, then a thin wash of flesh ink when the eyes dried. A wash of flesh ink on the lips takes care of the face.

Step 4: Head Shots, Pt.4

Next up are the head ornaments. Dark to light olives with a brown/blue wash, then light dry brushing with sand/yellow for high lights. The helmet fur was built up with browns and dry brushed with tan/white. The hat emblem was painted brass with a black shadow wash. The helmet strap was painted olive, high lighted with sand, and washed with leather brown.

Step 5: Work on the Arms

The arms needed some fitting done for proper alignment. The head is complete but sitting in place, the torso is primed and the arms and rifle are bare resin. A 1/8" dia. solid brass rod was installed into a drilled hole under the torso with cyanoacrylate glue. A wooden plaque makes good use as a temporary base while working on the figure bust.

Step 6: Painting the Figure

Base coats have been applied on the smock, tunic and rifle/strap. A dark flesh wash has been applied of flesh coat on the hands.

Step 7: Details, and More Details

Various washes and dry brushing on each figure section bring out the details. Most of the time is spent during this step. The base is an upside down craft box from Michael's glued to a wooden plaque, then stained with Minwax Oak.

Step 8: And the Finish...

And when all painting is complete, this is the finished result.