Introduction: Painting a 90 Mm White Metal Samurai

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I finished this figure earlier this year. I used Citadel acrylics, and inks, as well as Vallejo acrylic paint. Citadel White spray can primer was used as a basecoat.


Cyanoacrylate glue and accelerator

5 Minute epoxy

Elmer's glue

Citadel Acrylics and Inks

Citadel White spray can primer

Vallejo Acrylics

X-acto Knife with #11 blades

Rapidograph .5mm Ink Pen

Wooden box lid

Silflor ground work

Dried flowers

Step 1: Assembly of Figure

After cleaning up minimal flash and seams on all parts, I washed with dish soap/water in 2 batches, to clean off residual mold releases, and air dried for a day. Assembly began with Cyanoacrylate thick setting glue and a pump spray accelerator, to speed up curing.

Step 2: Priming and Basecoats

After assembly of figure, I checked to see if Tamiya White Modeller's putty was needed to fill joints. Pegaso makes beautiful figures, and this one fit amazingly well.

Next up was priming the figure. I sprayed 2 light coats of Citadel White spray can primer, misting the first coat on as a tack coat.

Next up is covering the white primer! I use similar colours as base coats to cover the major areas. I use a dark flesh colour for the skin. I normally work from dark to light, adding lighter more transparent colours as I go.

On the pennant, I used Citadel Purple ink to border each flag. A .5mm rapidograph pen was used to draw the symbol.

Step 3: Details, Details, Details...

Once the primer is covered, I dig into the details. I cut the Naginata blade off the bottom end, and attached to the top end of the shaft. I began by using 3 colours of blue for the armour ties, then used Citadel Blue ink to add depth to each spot. Citadel gold was dry-brushed on the arm sleeves, horns and breast plate. Citadel Brown ink was then washed over each area.

The face and hands were worked with transparent layers of lighter flesh tones, and the mouth had a wash of Citadel black and teeth were painted in with a detail brush. The eyes were painted white and black corneas added with no highlights, then a very thin coat of light flesh was used over both. Multiple coats and washes, along with subtle dry-brushing, make the details pop out.

Step 4: Finishing Up

Silflor grass, dried flowers from Ben Franklin's and Woodland Scenics dirt was applied to the metal base using 5 minute epoxy and Elmer's glue. A wooden box top was flipped, stained and CA glued to the bottom of the metal base.

I repainted the pants, using a wet on wet technique using lighter blues with each added layer. A quick once over on the figure and base, and this Samurai was done.

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