Introduction: Paneer Tawa Pulao

-Paneer tawa pulao is a spicy indian street food which can be prepared with leftover rice.

-Here we are cooking in pan so the name tawa pulao.

-Rice mixed with all veggies and spices gives nice flavour to dish.


-3 cups of cooked rice

-one potato and carrot chopped

-one cup finely chopped cabbage

-one cup boiled fresh green peas

-one diced tomato

-Few chopped spring onions

-Few capsicum slices chopped

-tsp of ginger garlic paste

-tsp of cumin seeds

-2tsp pav bhaji masala

-1tsp coriander powder

-Half tsp red chilli powder

-salt as per taste

-paneer(indian cottage cheese) cubes


Step 1: Saute Paneer Cubes

-First step is to take little butter in pan and add paneer cubes to it.

-Roast the cubes till they change little brown color.

-Remove and keep aside

Step 2: Keep All Ingredients Ready

-we need to boil green peas and even cook the rice and keep ready.if we have left over rice we can use that.

-chop all veggies potato,carrots cabbage,capsicum and tomatoes

Step 3: Sauteing

-Take the pan andd little butter to it. Add cumin seeds and when they start to crackle add spring onions and a tsp of ginger garlic paste.

Step 4: Add Veggies

-once raw smell of ginger leaves add diced potatoes and carrot.cover and cook for few minutes.

-Add chopped cabbage and mix everything

Step 5: Cook All Veggies for Some Time

- After adding cabbage add pinch of turmeric, maintain flame on medium and saute for some time as cabbage takes time to cook.

Step 6: Add Diced Tomatoes

-Next add chopped tomatoes and even boiled green peas and mix everything.

Step 7: Add Spices

-Once tomatoes become little mushy add all spices 1tsp coriander powder,2tsp pav bhaji masala

Step 8: Add Remaining Spices

-Add about half tsp red chillipowder and salt as per taste and mix so that all spices are blended with veggies

Step 9: Add Sauted Paneer Cubes

-Add paneer cubes and mix with veggies and spices.

Step 10: Add Cooked Rice

-Final step is to add 3 cups of cooked rice and mix the rice with all spices and can add some crumbled paneer on top of it

-Serve hot with some raita

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