Introduction: SIMPLE DIY DIE HARD Christmas Tree Decoration - Yippee-ki-yay It Lights Up!!

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Hi All,

Being close to Christmas and after a heated debate in the office if Die Hard is a Christmas movie or not...........which it is!!

I decided to make a special decoration for the office tree to make a point, and it actually turned out better than expected,





Glue Gun or Glue stick


**Optional LED Light

Step 1: Welcome to the Party, Pal

Simple step that sets out how you will go on,

Print 2 copies of John - size it up to you but remember your poor tree if you decide to go too big lol I found 9x13cms about right.

I did try to be clever and Photoshop the parts which I would cut out to save ink (his head and hand) this turned out to be much more time consuming than expected

Once you have your 2 pictures, cut one around the edge of the photo and the other cut out Johns head and hand holding the lighter.

Step 2: Come Out the Coast, We'll Get Together, Have a Few Laughs…

Now you have to start the vent John is in

Take the picture you just cut out and mark the sizes and cut out your card for the box,

If using my 9 x 13cms dimensions it is up to you how deep you want the box to become I found about 5 cms enough but up to you.

Cover the pieces in foil, glue and let dry

Step 3: Nine Million Terrorists in the World and I Gotta Kill One With Smaller Feet Than My Sister.

Now this step I kind of got ahead of myself, and did not document too well, a thing I do far too often lol

Sticking the picture to some more card for backing I mounted them in the middle of one of the larger bits of foiled card, then added the head and hand to give a more 3D effect

Tip - At this point I took apart a small LED candle and mounted it using my glue gun behind Johns hand, to give the effect the lighter was lit. Then Yippee-ki-yay it lights up!!

Then glued up the remaining parts of the "box" and your done

Step 4: You’d Have Made a Pretty Good Cowboy Yourself, Hans.

Sit back and let John take pride of place in your tree

Hope you all enjoy and have a great Christmas

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