Introduction: Paper Mache Anchor

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Are you planning the next Under the Sea theme party or a Little Mermaid party? Are you in the need for a stunning crafty piece and don't want to spend the money? Look no further, this easy to do project is the key! Please note time, dedication, and patience is also required to create this stunner. Let's get started, shall we?

Step 1: Materials & Design


Foam board (bought from your local craft or dollar store in either white or black)

A Ruler

An Exacto Knife or A Scissor

Brown Craft Paper

Clear Tape

Tissue Paper

Glue & Water (equal parts to create the paper mâché mixture)

Paint and other decorative items as desired


On a large foam board trace or freehandedly draw a picture of an anchor. Using an exacto knife, cut the outlined tracing or drawing.

Step 2: Construction

Next, using the brown craft paper, create various sizes of long scrunched paper and tape it to the foam board. The more scrunched the paper is the better the enhancement of dents and bends will appear in your final product.

Step 3: Paper Mâché & Painting

The final two steps to complete this project is to have several pieces of tissue paper teared apart into small pieces. Once, this task is complete, mix equal parts of water and glue together to create a paste (this will act as the adhering agent). Dip the small pieces of tissue paper into the adhering mixture and place it over the brown scrunched craft paper. Remember to evenly and smoothly place the tissue paper. Add the tissue layers as necessary (2-3 layers is recommended).

Once, the desired amount of tissue paper has been layered, sit aside for 2-3 days to harden. Finally, after the anchor has harden, paint it in a brown or gold tone colour to create a rustic look. Gluing on moss will create an Earthly and realistic look.

This anchor is the prefect feature for any under the sea party! Hope you enjoy this project and give it a try.

As always, for a better look at this project please check out the embedded video.

Thank you!

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