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Hi everyone,

This is the first process experimenting with paper pulp. At the end of the process i got some paper pulp sheets.

Using this sheets i made a mini park bench model.

OK let's start


Old newspapers

Mixer grinder

Fevicol + water

Warm water

Wooden sticks 4 nos (1 cm thickness)

Cutting knife


Step 1: Preparation

Take old newspapers and tear it into small pieces.

Soak all the papers in warm water over night.

Step 2: Grinding the Papers

After soaking into water, drain the water and put it into the mixie jar

and grind it smoothly. Add small amount of water in between grinding.

Now you get a paste like pulp.

Step 3: Adding Fevicol

Now add little bit of water in fevicol.

Pour the fevicol + water mixture into the pulp and mix it well

Step 4: Making the Wooden Frame

Now take the wooden sticks and joint them using glue.

Spread the paper pulp inside the wooden frame.

Dry this until the water content removed.

Step 5: Final Product

After drying you can get sheet of paper pulp.

Cut the edges and make it small pieces.

cut it into 5 in x 2 in

5 in x 1.5 in

1.5 in x 1 in (2 nos)

Now attach all pieces using glue.

You can get a mini size park bench.

Thanks a lot.....

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