Introduction: Paper Shirt and Pant

- These cute little shirt and pants are made using origami paper and you can simply stick them on gift box and give to your loved ones

- This is a fun project to make with your kids

Materials needed

- 15x15 cm sheet of paper for making shirt

- 6x6 cmsheet of paper for making tie

- 10x20 cm paper for making pant

You can take any color paper of your choice

Step 1: Procedure for Making Shirt

-Take origami paper of any color of your choice. Size of paper should be 15x15 cm.

- First fold it in half lengthwise and unfold it again.You can see central crease down the middle of sheet which will be vertical crease point

Step 2: Making Flaps

Now fold the left and right edges of sheet towards middle crease point.This gives you 2 flaps

Step 3: Make Horizontal Crease Point

- After folding the 2 flaps to centre, just fold the paper horizontally and unfold it as shown in my image.This way we get horizontal crease point.

Step 4: Fold Right and Left Flaps Outwards

-Fold the right flap outwards considering horizontal crease as mid point

- Now fold the left flap outwards.This forms V shape where paper is opened away from the central crease.

Step 5: Reverse the Paper Direction

-Now reverse the paper so that V which was on top is now facing to bottom as shown in my image.

Step 6: Fold the Bottom V Region to Top

- Now fold the bottom region with V to top . Make sure to leave a small gap at the top.

Step 7: Flip the Paper

Flip the paper and fold the top corner edges inwards( both right and the left top corners)

Step 8: Flip It Again

Flip again. Fold the top corner edges on both right and left sides as shown in image

Step 9: the Shirt Is Almost Ready

-Flip it again and you can see that it is almost ready and looks lke shirt

Step 10: Fold Outward Near Collar and Arms

- As you see in my images,you will have to fold the tagged regions outward and flatten everything to get finished shirt

Step 11: Making Tie

-First take square 6x6cm sheet of paper and rotate it to 45 degrees.You will see diamond shape.Now fold it in half to form crease in the center and unfold it again.

Step 12: Open and Fold in One Half

Now after unfolding you can see crease in the middle.Fold one corner in to the centre crease line as shown in my image

Step 13: Fold the Other Half to Make Kite Shape

Similarly fold the other half to the centre crease point and flip it over.Now you can see kite shape

Step 14: Fold Point Down

- Now fold the top point down towards you so that tip is in line with two side points

- Next fold the tip point up again as shown in image

Step 15: Flip Tie and Fold Side Wings In

-Flip the tie and fold side wings to centre

Step 16: Flip the Tie to See Finished Piece

Flip the tie and you can see finished tie.Tuck tie under shirt collar using adhesive

Step 17: Making the Pant

- For making pant we need 10x20cm rectangular paper size . I took white paper as it matches with tie color

- Take the paper and fold it in half to form middle crease point

Step 18: Fold Bottom and Top Edges to Middle Line

-Now fold the bottom and the top edges to the middle line

Step 19: Now Rotate and Fold to Half

-Now rotate by 90 degrees and fold it again in half.

Step 20: Reverse the Direction and Fold at 2 Top Edges

-Reverse the direction so that bottom region is now on top

- Fold the right and left corners to middle crease point.

Step 21: Using the New Crease Reverse the Corners

-After folding the top edges after opening the 2 small triangles at corners ,, we can see new crease on both right and left side.Using this crease fold the corner in wards

Step 22: Flap the First Layer on to Same Reverse Corner

Flap the first layer on to same reverse corner and similarly reverse it.Do it with other layer, as well

Step 23: Using Existing Creases Close the 2 Layers

Using the existing creases close the first layer and then the 2nd layer

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