Introduction: Penguin Draw String Bag

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This idea came to me when I was brushing my teeth and I was starring at a drawstring bag. I thought, “this looks like a good idea to try to make,” and here is how I made mine. Also for any step you don’t understand that well. If you have any ideas of what to put in one of these, please tell me in the comments at the bottom of this page (scroll as far down as you can to find the chat).


•Grey or black fabric (body)
•White felt (belly)
•Orange felt (nose)
•Two slightly bigger black buttons (outside of eye)
•Two slightly smaller white buttons (inside of eye)
•White thread
•Orange thread
•Grey or black thread (whichever you chose for the body)
•Round decorative trim or any string (pull string)
•Lighter (to keep pull string from shredding) WARNIG: Do Not Use Without Adult Supervision!

Step 1: Inspiration

My inspiration was this small little bag that holds my nail clippers.

Step 2: Cut

For this you will need to cut out two 2.5 inch by 5 inch pieces of fabric. When that is done, you can go on to step #3.

Step 3: Flap

For these next few steps, set one of the pieces you cut aside. For the other piece, fold it down 1.5 inches (look at the first pic for an idea of what to do) and then fold it back flat so you leave a fold mark. Then on ether side of the fold, cut a small line into the center (about three eighths of an inch in). Then fold that small piece in where you cut (you probably want to look pic 3 or 4 to see what I am talking about), and then sew that flap down.

Step 4: Whole

Fold the smaller portion down fourth of an inch and then down to the previous fold mark that you made in step #3 (you can still look at the pics if you don’t understand). Now with your folds done, sew the folds down. Now grab the other piece you cut in step #2 and do the same thing to it.

Step 5: Belly

For these next few steps you will only need one of the pieces. Cut a small belly out of white felt and load the sewing machine up with white thread. Lay the belly down on the smooth side of one of the front piece. Sew the belly onto the front of the bag.

Step 6: Nose

Now you can cut a small triangular shape out of orange felt. Plug some orange tread into the sewing machine. Sew the nose on to the same side that the belly is on (it may be a bit hard to do, so I suggest that you turn the speed down lower and do multiple lines on each side if you need to).

Step 7: Eyes

Get a marker out and put two dots on the front where you want the eyes to be. Then start to sew the eyes on to the fabric (look at diagram above for how to sew them on). Then tie the thread off under the buttons and then cut it. Now move on to the other eye and do the same thing as the other eye.

Step 8: Sew Together

Take the front and back and put them together wrong side out. Start to sew them together, but when you are passing the eyes you should lift the sled (the piece that holds the fabric down during sewing) up a little to pass by the eye. You should only be sewing the sides and bottom together on this step. Also, at the open end you need to re-enforce the edges!

Step 9: Turn

Push the bottom of the penguin through the top hole and have the bird be flipped. In other words, just flip it wright side out.

Step 10: String

Take a piece of string and put it going through the wholes on either side of the bird and then tie it off and cut the string. Get a lighter out and burn the edges of the string to keep them from shredding apart. Put another string in the opposite side and tie it so it is the same length of the other string and cut it on the other side of the knot. Get the lighter out again and burn the edges on the string you just put in.

Step 11: Stuff Things in It

This step is exactly what it sounds like, shove stuff into the bag but be careful not to shove things in to hard. The bag is now finished.