Introduction: Personalized Bracelets

These are some instructions and footage to help explain how to make embroidery floss bracelets with letters and other designs on them.

Step 1: What You Need

Three colors of embroidery floss/ string Clip board or tape for taping to a surface Ruler (not really necessary) Scissors

Step 2: Cutting String

Leave two colors of string wrapped up in their full lengths. One of these colors will be the color surrounding the letters and the other color will be the color of the part of the bracelet on the ends. Cut six strands from the third color about an arms length long or around two feet. This will be the color of your letters. Tie all of the strings together at the end leaving enough string to tie a knot later when you put it around your wrist.

Step 3: The Beginning

Place the two single colors on the opposite sides of the other color. With the color that you want the ends of your bracelet to be on the left, tie forward knots around the rest of the strings until you have reached the point where you want the word or name part of your bracelet to start.

Step 4: First Row

With the single color that you want to surround the letters placed on the left (orange) and the other single color placed on the right (purple), tie a forward knot with the orange string around the string just to the right of it. Tie another forward knot around the same string. Using the orange string, continue to tie two forward knots on each string until you reach the end of the row.

Step 5: Second Row

Using the orange string tie a backwards knot around the string that you last tied around. Tie another backwards knot. You will want to make sure that you tie all the knots on the edges with the orange string so that it is easier to distinguish the letters. To switch the color of the knot you now need to tie two forwards knots with the red string around the orange string. This will make red knot. Think of the knots as a grid and each time you want to switch the color tie a knot with the color that you want so that the orange string continues to travel back and forth through each row. If you are tying from left to right and you want to make a red knot, use the red string to tie a backwards knot around the orange string if you are tying for right to left and you want to make a red knot, use the red string to tie a forward knot on the orange string. Take a look at some of the pictures. They should help.

Step 6: Finishing

After you have finished all of the letters and characters that you want, use the purple string again to tie knots like you did for the beginning. When you have reached the desired length, cut the strings and tie around your wrist.

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