Introduction: Phone Stand + Device Storage VERSION 2

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Hello! This project is an improved version of the last phone stand/device storage project I did. I decided that it really had lots of potential and it could be even better and more functional. This instructable shows you how to make a little more advanced craft and I have included some new ideas with it that could be useful. I hope you enjoy it!


  • cardboard
  • pencil and ruler
  • any decoration tools or supplies
  • craft knife

Step 1:

Firstly, you must cut the piece of cardboard that will be the main part of your project. It needs to be a width that can be split in half equally. For my piece of cardboard I did a 20 centimetre width which I could split in half easily

Step 2:

Once you have drawn a line through the middle of the cardboard take your craft knife and score along the cardboard so that it cuts it halfway through. Do not cut the whole way through the cardboard.

Step 3:

You can now easily fold the cardboard in two without any horrible looking creases and rips.

Step 4:

Now you have to make the bottom part of the triangle. I made mine 8 centimetres in width but you can make the width as long or short as you like bearing in mind that the longer it is, the flatter the triangle will be.

Step 5:

Now is the time to start adding the details on one side of the larger cardboard peice that we folded. I made a circular hole as my phone has a popsocket on the back and the hole is meant to hold it in place. I also made a small hole for a earphone organising area on the left side as well.

Step 6:

This earphone organising area is completley optional and if you dont want it in your craft, thats fine. In my last instructable about this, I made holes for wireless earphones to sit in so you could always do that or something else that you think would be useful instead. You basically cut 2 circles of the same size and 1 slightly bigger and put them together to make something like the second picture.

Step 7:

Then attach it to the cardboard piece ( if you chose to do it that is.) You can plug the audio jack into the small hole and then wind the earphones around the circle piece. This will help to keep them from getting lost and also keep them in an untangled state.

Step 8:

Then flip the cardboard over and on the other side just put several strips of cardboard that are the same size together so they act as a prop-up for your phone. I also added a small hole for a charging cable could come through so you dont have to worry about charge levels when browsing your phone.

Step 9:

It is now sticking time! I was going to use hot glue but then I resorted to super glue to stick the triangle structure together.

Step 10:

Now to decorate it. I wanted to just add a little colour so I put some yellow strips of paper here and there.

Step 11:

And you have finished the craft! Thank you for reading this instructable and I hope you enjoyed it!