Introduction: Phone Stand + Device Storage

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This instructable will show you how to make a phone stand with extra space for storing electrical devices.


• Cardboard
• pencil
• ruler
• hot glue
• craft knife

Step 1:

First cut the cardboard into thre equal pieces. These will be the main parts of your phone stand.

Step 2:

Now take one of the cardboard pieces. Choose some electrical devices ( e.g. earphones, charging cables etc. ) to store in your phone stand. Cut holes that will fit the size of the the devices. Make sure to cut the holes quite big.

Step 3:

Now take another one of the three cardboard pieces. Cut three strips of cardboard the same length as the piece. Stick the three pieces on top of each other and then stick it along the big piece. It should look like the second picture above.

Step 4:

Now we've made with the pieces, it's time to link them together. Attach the three pieces with hot glue so they form a triangle shape like the picture above.

Step 5: And Now You Have Made Your Own Phone Stand With Extra Room for Other Electrical Devices!

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