Introduction: Photo Holder / Dancing Tree

I made this as a present to my mom. It took hardly 10 minutes to make this. I used only the junk I found at my home, so this product can be made in different ways using different materials found at your home too. It just involves some creativity. It can just be used as a dancing tree. I however presented my mom this and a picture of me and her on my graduation so she can use this as a photo stand.

Step 1: Materais Needed

1. I took out the spiral binding from one of my used note books.
2. I had once bought these buttons (only because they look colorful)
3.The blue color supporting platform is clay.
4. I had this round cardboard with my junk stuff. You can find one at any stationery store or you can cut one using the stencil cutters.
5 .Color papers from cardstock.
6. Cutting plier, scissors, glue

Step 2: Shaping the Spiral Binding

1. I used a cutting plier to create spiral patterns on the strand.
2. I created 3 such spiral patterns. I cut two of them form the spiral binding but left one without cutting.
3. I combined the spiral patterns together by twisting them together (numbered 7 in the 6th picture).

I have placed the pictures in the order the pattern was created.

Step 3: Cardboard Base for the Tree.

1. I took the circular cardboard and drew its outline onto a colored paper (the one i got from cardstock).
2. I made cuts as shown in the 4th picture inorder to create a pattern while pasting the yellow color paper on the cardboard. (I chose yellow as I thought it would be a good combination for the black spiral dancing tree)
3. The finished cardboard platform and the spiral binding tree is shown in 6th picture.

Step 4: Support for the Tree

1. I placed the clay on the platform.
2. Then I inserted the spiral binding on the clay (screw the spiral binding on the clay so that the binding gets more balance and does not fall).

Step 5: Final Arrangement

Then I used the buttons on the cardboard platform and the clay for decoration.
A complete dancing tree is shown below.

The next  step shows how this can be converted into a photo holder.

Step 6: Photo Frame

1. Use a small magnet as boxed in the 1st picture.
2. Place a picture on one of the spiral leaves of the tree and place a magnet over it as shown in 1st picture.
3. The second picture shows the front view of the photo stand / dancing tree.
4. You can create more leaves in a similar way and create more picture holding places.

Hope you enjoyed this! Thanks!

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