Introduction: Elastic Bead Bracelet

This is a very simple and easy bracelet made using rubber bands, beads and paperclips. You do not need any glue, scissors or any additional tying material.

Step 1: Materials Needed

1. Color beads
2. Rubber bands (preferably long ones)
3. paper clips

Step 2: Joining the Beads Using Rubberband

1. Fold the rubber band
2. Insert it into a bead
3. Pull it from the other side
4. Center the bead on the rubber bandstep

Step 3: Attaching One Paperclip to Another

Insert one pin into another as shown in the figures.

Step 4: Joining Rubber Band and Paper Clip

Insert rubber band into the paper clip as shown in the figures.
Repeat the same on both the ends of the joined paperclip.

The first model bracelet is ready.

Step 5: Variation:

I used 5 beads on a single rubber band (figure 1).
I created 3 such connected models using the following steps.

Joining them:
1. Create a knot as shown in the figure.
2. Tighten the knot.
3. Now insert beads like before.
4. Join the open end using a paper clip using the procedure followed before.

If tying the knot looks difficult, you can just create 2 such models and connect the rubber bands using the paperclips.
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