Introduction: Pin-Cushion in Under 5 Minutes

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With so many pins and needles, where does one store them? You don't have a pin-cushion, or don't know how to make one easily...what do you do? Follow these instructions and you will have your own fashionable pin-cushion in under 5 minutes!

  • patterened duct tape
  • hot glue gun
  • clean, empty yogurt container (I used a Greek Frozen Yogurt Container)
  • old sweat shirt or sweat pant material
  • felt
  • polyfill stuffing
  • scissors

Step 1: The Cushion

Cut off a scrap of sweatpant/sweatshirt material. It doesn't have to be that large, just large enough to fill the container when stuffed.

Grab a handfull of stuffing and set it in the center of the inside of the fabric. Roll the material and stuffing up into a cylinder-like tube, and fold it in half. Another way you can do this is to work it around and make a ball. This part is difficult, and I suggest before making the cushion's shape you have your hot glue gun all ready to go sitting next to you. After you have your cushion's shape and are grasping it firmly in your hand, squirt some hot glue into the yogurt container and stick the bottom part of the cushion that is open down onto the glue. Push down and squirt glue deeply into the edges around the cushion. Push down once more and make sure the cushion is stuck well.

Step 2: Duct Tape!

Now it's time to duct tape the container! Get out that favorite patterned duct tape and duct tape around the sides. Fold down the duct tape that sticks out over the bottom of the container.

Step 3: Make the Felt Bottom

For a nice finish, hot glue a circle of felt onto the bottom of the container.

Step 4: Stick Your Pins and Needles Inside!

Grab all those loose pins and needles and stick them into the pin cushion before they hurt somebody! This cute, stylish pin cushion will keep your pins all in one place. Enjoy!

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