Introduction: Plain Brown Box to Steampunk Jewelry Display

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Have you ever walked into a Goodwill, Salvation Army or thrift store of any kind and you just zeroed in on an item knowing full well exactly what you would do with it if you got your hands on it? This very thing happened to me this weekend at Goodwill.

I saw a long, flat, brown box lying on a shelf surrounded by people. I stood there, watching the box, waiting my turn to get to that shelf. I needed that box. It would make an awesome display piece for the jewelry I create.

The finish on it was perfect for a steampunk themed display. As the group milled about, I willed them not to notice the box. Finally my turn rolled around, it was still there. As I reached for it, I didn't even look at the price. I had it in my grubby little hand and I wasn't going to let it go.

Step 1: Just a Plain Brown Metal Box

This is not one of those things I can say run to your nearest hardware or craft supply store and pick one of these up, this is one of those things that find you. Like I said several people had a chance to pick the same box. They just weren't seeing what I was seeing. So visit your local thrift shop. You might be surprised what might call out to you. Just be willing to look at something rather plain with new eyes.

Step 2: What Did I Use on This Project???

  • The Box
  • Wide Red Lace Ribbon
  • Embellishments
  • E6000
  • Hook for display purpose. (Not pictured because somebody forgot to take a before pic)

You could use fabric instead of ribbon if you want. I liked the lace and gears for the steampunk look. The softer side is hidden on the inside and the gears on the outside give it the classic steam punk look.

Step 3: Work From the Inside Out...

I chose to work from the inside out. Why? Have you smelled E6000 in a confined space. It is some strong stuff. So my thinking was do the inside and let it air before you close the box to work on the outside.

I took the E6000 and squirted it in the bottom of the box. I took a glove and smeared it evenly across the bottom. I laid the lace ribbon on the inside doubled. This was just to give it a more even look. You can do it with one layer but for my purposed two looked better.

I did the same with the top inside of the box. The difference is that on the top, there is one layer of ribbon. This was because if you use a magnetic hook, it will hold better.

Step 4: Now for the Outside....

I chose several different sized gears and some time pieces. I laid them out over the top of the box before I committed to them. Once I got the look I wanted I once again grabbed my E6000 and began gluing.

Step 5: Adding the Hook...

I used an adhesive backed hook and I only chose to do one. I placed it in the center of the of the inside of the lid. This make a great display space for a necklace or a choker. You can use a magnetic backed hook and several if you choose. It is just a matter of taste.

Step 6: And You Are Done....

It is a cheap and simple project but wow, the result is amazing. The only thing I purchased for this project was the box itself, the other items were leftovers for other projects.

You can see that it a powerful display and it is easy to transport your items to craft fairs or wherever you may want to set up to see your jewelry.

Portable, instant set up for you jewelry projects. Here are some projects you could use to make jewelry to add to your box. Go check those out as well.

Hope you had fun. Now go find your treasure and pretty it up. Give it your own personal flair.

Until next time....

Love, Peace and Cupcakes.

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