Introduction: Plastic 'splint' Bangles

Last month I finally did something about my sore hands and went to see someone who fashioned a splint for me out of thermoplastic and gave me exercises.

They had run out of black so I had blue. The physio kindly gave me the scraps to make into a coordinating bangle. I forgot to take photos of the process so here are some more white ones.

Step 1: Ingredients

  • Scraps
  • Frypan
  • Steel ruler
  • Scribing tool
  • Scissors
  • Thermometor

Things I forgot to photograph

  • Spatula
  • Kitchen sponge

Step 2: Cut Squares

I'm pretty sure the physio said to have the water in the pan at about 74° Celsius but I found it better at a little bit higher, closer to 80° C.

First I put the scrap into the water very briefly (this is where I realised I needed a spatula to lift it out) and incised the square shapes then I use the scissors to cut them. This is where I realised I needed the kitchen sponge, lifting the plastic in and out of the water got a bit messy.

Step 3: Making

I put the edges into the water and then I was able to "smoosh" them together, after I had done the circle I made it round by using an existing bangle, then I put it back into the pan so that I could make it more 3 dimensional by smooshing the edges of individual pieces.

Step 4: But Wait - There's More

I didn't use all of the material on the first bangle, I had enough to make another. With the second scrap I cut it along the dots and then folded it in half, rounded (ovaled?) it and smooshed the edges together. I used some of it with the remaining squares and there was still a bit left over from both scraps so I put them all in the water and smooshed everything together.

When I made the blue splint bangle I used all of the scraps in one bangle; I cut a long rectangle and smooshed the ends together then turned the edges like on the splint. There was some left over so I put that down the middle and then mashed little balls to decorate it.

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