Introduction: Pocket Watch Leather Case


Hi, today I will introduce you guys to a pocket watch leather case using wet molding method. YouTube video is available, Please watch it if you need. I hope it'll help more.


  • Recommended leather : Veg tan Buttero 3oz / Split leather for making a mold
  • Leather Pricking iron : 2 teeth 4mm gap
  • Hole punch : 1mm diameter
  • Oval punch
  • Formex board : 1mm thick
  • Glue : Intercom ecostic 1816b , Instant adhesive
  • Utility knife Scissors
  • Thread : Vinymo MBT #5
  • Needle : John James needle #4
  • Awl
  • Wing Divider
  • Edge beveler
  • Mallet
  • Wood Slicker
  • Ruler
  • Leather dye : Fiebing's edge kote
  • Leather burnishing gum : Tokonole
  • Water

Step 1: Sketch

First, Measure the size of a watch.

It is to make a mold the size of a watch.

Sketch helps you figure out what you need.

Step 2: Make a Mold #1

Make molds using split leather (just skin leather is fine, too)

Cut it in the size of a watch using a circle cutter.

Prepare according to thickness. In my case, I made three. (But I should've made four. You'll find out later.)

Step 3: Make a Mold #2

Bond the three cuts of leather.

Use a wing divider to mark as much as the round.

Sand the edges into sandpaper.

Step 4: Make a Mold #3

Use a formax sheet to make a mold base. Make it about 7mm bigger.

Attach the split piece to the center of the formax with a instant adhesive.

Step 5: Make a Mold #4

Cut the formex according to the size of the floor.

Cut it into ring shape.

Step 6: Wet the Leather

Soak the leather for about 15 minutes

Step 7: Form the Leather

Make a hole in the center. This hole will help you find the center later.

Cover the formex and fix it with binders.

Dry it for a day.

Step 8: Dry the Leather

After 24 hours, remove the binders then, you will see this shape.

Step 9: Cut the Center Parts

Place a circular cutter in the center and cut it by watch glass size.

Step 10: Make a Hole for a Watch Crown

Use an oval punch to make a hole through which the watch crown will will be inserted.

Step 11: Make a Stitching Holes

Use a 2 teeth pricking iron to make holes along the circle.

I used 4mm gap, diamond shape tip.

Step 12: Edge Finish #1

Dye the edge side with Fiebing's leather edge kote, then apply Tokonole leather gum.

After that, burnish the edge with wood slicker.

Cut the rest of the circle side.

Step 13: Add a Middle Piece

My mold was a little thin, so I add middle part.

If you made mold big enough, You don't need to make it.

Step 14: Make a Back Side

Attach two thin sheets of leather together.

Draw a circle using a cut-off formex ring.

Cut the cover entrance.

At this point, make a hole with 1mm punch at both ends.

Step 15: Bond It Together

Attach the prepared top and bottom sides.

Step 16: Edge Finish #2

Sand the entire side with sandpaper.

Bevel the edges with a edge beveler.

Step 17:

Use a flat side awl to make stitching hole.

then, stitch it.

Step 18: Edge Finish #3

Apply leather dye to the entire side.

Use Tokonole to make edges smooth and then rub them with a soft cloth.

Step 19: Finish

Put in a watch and it's done!

Thank you for watching my work.

Have a good one!