Introduction: Pointillist Orange Octagon

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This is an easy, relaxing paint project that is great for children and adults. You can customize by changing the shape (square, rectangle, and triangle would all be good), colors, dot size (use a Q-tip instead), and number of layers. It is a great way to introduce pointillism to kids, and to also let them practice mixing paints to get different shades of color. No matter your skill level, this project is bound to turn out eye-catching.

Step 1: Set Up and Tape Canvas

You will need acrylic paints, a small canvas (I got a dollar store one that was 4x6 inches), and some masking tape. To make the dots, I've found a metal knitting needle works superbly, but the wrong end of a paintbrush can also work well.

Tape the canvas so that only the octagon (or other shape) part of the canvas is visible. Press the tape down well so that no paint will creep underneath.

Step 2: Start Painting

Begin with the general color you want your shape to be, and start dotting! I would dot about four times per dip in the paint, which added interest by creating variable dot sizes.

Step 3: Add More and More Layers of Color

I found that the acrylics dried so quickly, there was no need to wait between coats. Experiment with mixing different colors together, as well as adding colors that are next to your base color on the color wheel (yellow and red in this case). Keep going until all the white is covered or you get bored; I think all of the stages look pretty interesting.

If you're daring, add a touch of the opposite color(complimentary is the term I think?) (dark blue in this case). It really makes the colors pop.

When you are done, give your artwork a few minutes to dry completely, then remove the tape carefully.

Step 4: Hang It Up and Admire

You're done! Way to go.

Thanks for reading this instructable. Post a picture if you make it!

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