Introduction: Polymer Clay Jewel Bugs

Nature is wonderful and full of colors.

We all should give her a hand and protect her reusing/recycling materials.

Old CDs are great to use in various projects and they are great to use with polymer clay, creating metallic and iridescent effects!

Step 1:

Materials used in this project:

- old CD -R (These are the best, because other have a plastic cover over the label, and is very difficult to remove the film, but in some cases it's not impossible...)

- Polymer clay (Fimo)

- Wire

- Fimo liquid

- Alcohol markers (these are optional, but I think that they look great and the color variation with the light is much more interesting!)

- Varnish

Step 2:

Make a cut along the borders of your CD and remove the film

Step 3:

You can use a cookie cutter to make a mark in the film and cut two circles.
Cut one of those circles in half

You can also use a puncher to create tiny circles

Step 4:

Place the film over the polymer clay with the same shape.
Over the circle apply a coat of Liquid Fimo and place the wings over it.

Make the head with polymer clay and the antennas with wire.
Use the tiny circles for the eyes. Cover the wings and the eyes with liquid Fimo.

And the first bug is ready to be baked!

Step 5:

For the second bug I used only one circle of polymer clay and one circle of CD film. I applied color, over the film, with alcohol markers (this step is optional, but it will give much more interesting effects!) and after that I applied the Liquid Fimo.

I also added wire legs to this bug

I used the tiny circles to decorate the bug and I covered them with liquid fimo

Once you are happy with your project you can bake it in the oven during 30 minutes at 110°C/230°F

After baking glue all the wires and apply a coat of varnish.

Step 6:

Make more bugs with different shapes, colors and sizes... create your very special and unique Jewel Bugs collection!!

Have fun!! :D

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