Introduction: Pompom Festoon

Yey! This is my first publication so I wanted to share something that anyone could do. For this craft you won't need any special tools, profesional gear, or specific skills. That makes this garland a perfect project for beginners that want to start creating things on their own. But also for anyone like me who would like to spend an afternoon listening to Mr. Roboto by Styx while threading some pompoms to level up their house decor.


  • Thread, wool or string
  • Needle
  • Felt pompoms (it could also be with wool pompoms)


  • Ruler, or measuring tape
  • Buttons (or anything to decorate)

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

Be creative, here is where you decide what will go with your personal style. I did some testing before making the "real" ones. In the pictures you can see my little models. I tried with:

  • Simple pink string with pink buttons. (I think that made it look like acorns which I found to be very cute).
  • 4 braided strands of white string with a button at the end of each string (This makes some tingling sound).
  • 2 strands of white string with a string tassel at the end.
  • 3 braided strands of thread, two pink and one yellow (makes it look like a multicolored string). With a black button at the end.

I decided to go with a 4 strand white string with a string tassel at the end.

Step 2: Measure Your Strings

Each strand should be approximately 7.2 feet. This may be longer or shorter, just remember to cut the string twice as long as you want the garland to be.

Cut two strands for each garland.

When you fold each strand in half, that will make a four strand string.

Step 3: Threading the Pompoms

Thread both strings through the same needle. Place the needle at the middle of the strings so you have 4 strands coming out of it.

Take a pompom and pierce it with the needle. Slide it down the other end of the strings (leave it approximately 2 inches from the end).

Repeat this step leaving a separation of 4 fingers between pompoms.

Step 4: Making the Tassel

Thread a new needle with more sting as in the previous step.

Take the pompom at the edge, pierce it with the needle from the bottom and leave 2 inch of string hanging.

Repeat the following steps until you have enough string in the tassel:

  1. Needle it again from the top pulling it slightly so it doesn't go through.
  2. Needle it again from the bottom leave 2 inches loose underneath the pompom (it will create a loop)

Cut the loops at the ends.

Step 5: Place It

Hang it individually or in groups.

Hang it straight or fold it in half.

Improve things that are already hanging with dull wire (as in the plant picture)

Step 6: Level It Up With Light

Alternate the garland and some fairy lights to pump it up at night

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