Introduction: Pop Top Braclet

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This instructable shows how to make a bracelet out of the thingys on top of soda cans.

Step 1: Supplies

Get a lot of soda can tops. I'm 13 and I used 14 on this one. I used 17 on my other one so get 25 and you should be okay.

You also need string.

And scissors.

Step 2: Starting It

Put the loop through the top hole as shown in pic 1

Put the 2 ends through the loop as shown in pic 2

Step 3: First One (cont)

go around the sides and down through the bigger hole.

Step 4: Piece Two Side One

put the string down into the smaller hole, around the side to the top, and down through the big hole.

Step 5: Repeat on Other Side

Repeat on other side, and pull tight.

Step 6: Lather, Rinse, Repeat

Repeat steps 4 and 5 until desired length.

Step 7: End It

once it's long enough,put the string down and throug as you would (pic 1)

tie a pretzel knot around the side of the pop top

Step 8: Cut & Youre Done!

Cut off the exess and you are done.
Show off as much as you want.

Step 9: Doubling It.

I just finished doubling it and taking pics, so the 'ible will be up in a matter of days.